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Premature Ejaculation In Men

And actually, it all started with a friend of mine, my best friend ! Not for the same reasons, we had the same problem of not being able to be naked in front of guys, but we could talk very openly about our sexual life, masturbation, etc... Anyway, one day, he was at my place. That is a bad example of premature ejaculation in men.and we ended up swimming naked (and more), just the two of us (see the thread:MAIN FORUMS >> My First Time, fiRsT eXpLoSioN & True Encounters >> Curiosity satisfied ). We now swimm naked quite often and even go to the same sports' club where we goet to shower together too.
It happened because we knew each other very well and knew that if anything weird happened, we would NOT laugh at each other, but would actually try to comfort each other. Isn't it what friends are supposed to do? and not laugh at each other.
I do not mind being naked in the lockerroom after sport with friends. Because premature ejaculation in men is a big problem. It is actually, just like Koaalokuloku says, a bond. We now all have seen each other's staff and that's it, end of the story.

Most women hate premature ejaculation in men. Even worse for me as I am the only white guy in our circle of friends (I live in a small southern african town, where I am one of the few white guys living here). I am obviously the object of all curiosities and I would say each and every new guy entering the lockerroom has (or tries) to have a peep at my penis, which I don't really mind anylonger, as long as I can have a look at his ;-) My only fear is to have an erection while showering as I very easily get one...
So for me, being naked in front of friends or co-workers is not an issue. Relatives a bit more, but living 10.000 km aways from them, it is not likely to happen anytime soon !

When it comes to using the urinals at work, I do not mind neither premature ejaculation in men or women who can't cum. At work, we actually have those horrible "aluminium walls" on a stage. There is one step to go and you have to wee against this aluminium-like wall, next to each other and sometime, REALLY NEXT to each other when it is crowded... but it is ok.
Few days ago, I was weeing next to one of my colleagues, we were chatting at the same time. Then, he started talking about this Christmas party (it was a disguised party) we had at work end of december. This good friend (and coworker)and I decided to disguise ourselves into each other... So I polished my face, neck and hands in black, and wore his clothing, he whitened his face, neck and hands with make-up and wore my clothing. The party went on, everybody had lots of fun I must say. Then, we went to the loos together. Now, imagine the situation: 3 guys, one black but disguised as a white guy, one white guy but disguised as a black guy, and one of their colleagues are weeing next to each other. Our colleague, a bit high on beers, is in the middle. He peeps at my friend on his left, and sees a white-faced guy with a black penis..... peeps on his right(me)and sees a black-faced guy with a white penis.... we had a great laugh when we saw his decomposed and interrogating face ! He was then telling me he had the worst experience in his life thinking he was extremely drunk and nearly thought of quitting alcohol for good !! we had a good laugh again.
So, nudity (or partial nudity) with colleagues can also prove to be fun sometimes !
But contrary to tcj4tcj4, I have never had any experience of nudity with female colleagues or premature ejaculation in men.

Has anyone of you had the experience of getting a hard one while showering in a lockerroom? what were the reaction of the other guys ?


The bottom line is that premature ejaculation in men is a huge problem.


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